A good number of times, Lawyers are usually subject of ridicule and scorn by the public. However, people do not know what they go through whenever they work really hard in solving puzzles and mysteries which could complicate a legal issue. This is why a good number of them take substances which would assist them in performing more than their mental capacity and rate.

Addiction among attorneys is a big problem which has adversely affected the lives of those in the industry, and it is an even more threatening menace to those who are entering the profession, because those categories of people are trying to give more than it takes to ensure they get into Law school.

Working as an attorney is no easy task as there are usually distinct difficulties, they usually spend long hours working on cases which involves death, violence and the likes. Sometimes, they might hit a roadblock, where there is no headway again, and hence they resort to other means in order to get more clarity. Attorneys are usually stressed both mentally and emotionally, and a good number of them do not know how to take care of themselves as regards this.

Not everyone has the capacity to be an attorney, as it takes a special kind of character to survive and become a success in the legal profession. Most people who want to become attorneys, are driven by the hunger to achieve and not the hunger to make an impact in their society. Hence, throughout their legal journey, their drive for success is usually different, and their sources of motivation are like two sides of a coin.

After a stressful day, most attorneys usually take either drugs or alcohol, or both most times, in a bid to help themselves ease stress, and it usually has an adverse effect on all aspect of their health in the long run. With time, they would discover that they cannot do anything without taking either drugs or alcohol.

In the long run, some of them usually come down with health problems, which could lead to their eventual death. It is advised that attorneys who are having a hard time coping with stress, anxiety and depression, should seek immediate help before it gets too late.

Those who are already caught up in the web of addiction, can also seek help, and they would get fine with time.

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