Dealing with Stress as a High-Functioning Attorney

High-functioning attorneys are often lauded for their dedication to their clients, the ability to process an abundance of information, and their ambition to succeed. Despite their organizational skills and seemingly unending amounts of energy, high-functioning attorneys can still be impacted by stress.

Anxiety is a normal part of life, yet for the attorney with a mentally demanding job there comes the risk of overwhelm. When pressure builds to a certain extent, it can easily lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout. This can be particularly dangerous for attorneys who are dealing with larger caseloads and an enormous amount of documents.

Personal health is also a major factor in dealing with stress in a professional setting. Stress often prevents the individual from engaging in healthy activities that help alleviate daily pressures. Meditation, exercise, and healthy eating are often the first to go, leaving people in professions like law with little to no self-care.

Fortunately, high-functioning attorneys can take steps to prevent the onset of burnout and relieve pressure when it arises. The primary key to managing stress is having the capacity to realize when the pressure is becoming too much. Being able to identify signs of stress enables attorneys to practice self-care and take necessary steps to prevent burnout.

One of the most important tools to use when managing stress is mindfulness. Much like meditation, mindfulness teaches individuals to be aware of their thoughts and feelings and to practice accepting them without judgment. Focusing less on the goal and more on the present moment can help attorneys accept and appreciate their efforts without the stress of future outcomes.

In addition to mindfulness, taking care of oneself should always come first. Exercise, sleep, healthy diet, and downtime free from any work related activities can all help reduce levels of stress. Taking short breaks throughout the day can also give the mind a necessary break, and engaging in recreational activities like reading or playing a game can help provide mental clarity and an improved outlook on the task at hand.

High-functioning attorneys have been known to successfully manage their stress levels in the face of overwhelming pressure. Utilizing mindfulness, self-care activities, and taking note of mental health are only a few of the ways attorneys can keep their stress levels manageable and eventually prevent burnout including increased levels of anxiety and depression. When an individual is able to take the proactive steps to manage the pressure, their work and well-being can both be improved.